Bring AI to Your Products

We empower businesses by making AI solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing or future products. Our specialties include applying AI to audio streams, video, and still images.




Products Overview

Mute Distractions

Auto-mute is a light piece of software utilizing AI technology that detects the presence of human speech. Knowing when someone is talking allows you to mute an unused and possibly distracting audio channel. All processing happens locally on the client device saving on expensive server processing costs.

Enhance Speech

Speech-enhance takes Auto-mute to the next level. Utilizing similar AI technology speech is directly separated from background sounds and noise. Even distracting sounds that occur while you are talking can be removed.

Our software is ready for you to license and incorporate directly into your client software. Contact us at support@aconnect.biz to discuss your AI needs.




Matthew Arnold

An avid reader. Matthew is always consuming new knowledge from light-hearted fiction to the depths of deep learning and artificial intelligence. This is evident from his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.


Ben Arnold

Ben enjoys solving problems by tinkering with prototypes and learning from others. He considers himself a programmer at heart even as he’s nearing completion of a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.