Improve Meetings

We empower businesses to improve their meetings by providing meaningful metrics. Using deep learning our product enables anonymous tracking of participants and their interactions throughout their meetings.




Features Overview

Designed for use in meetings, our product is a small device placed on top of the table between participants. An array of microphones and an embedded computer are used to process all audio from the meeting locally on the device. No audio is saved or sent to the cloud. The following metrics are gathered and made available to the customer:

Who’s talking? (speech ratio)

Individuals are identified* from their voice. The microphone array audio is processed locally using sophisticated deep learning algorithms. This enables us to determine how much each participant contributed to the meeting. We call this metric the speech ratio.

Interruption Detection

Multiple people speaking at the same time can get confusing. To better understand how your meetings are affected by participants talking over each other our product reports when interruptions occur, for how long, and who’s* doing it.

* Our privacy policy ensures that only anonymized data is reported to supervisors or other company management while individualized data is provided only to the individual.




Matthew Arnold

An avid reader. Matthew is always consuming new knowledge from light-hearted fiction to the depths of deep learning and artificial intelligence. This is evident from his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.


Ben Arnold

Ben enjoys solving problems by tinkering with prototypes and learning from others. He considers himself a programmer at heart even as he’s nearing completion of a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering.